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Tammy Christel

Writer, Journalist, Arts Blogger...

Art and environment are eternally linked….It is virtually impossible for one to exist, or thrive, without the other.

In addition to writing the Jackson Hole Art Blog, Tammy is a freelance writer and editor. She consults on the arts for collectors, filmmakers, and non-profit organizations.

As a television scriptwriter, Tammy created hundreds of descriptive “art stories” for WGBH Public Television’s annual live fine arts auction. At WGBH she oversaw production of special arts segments, working with artists, collectors, dealers and other arts specialists. Tammy also produced segments for “Antiques Roadshow,” Public Television’s most popular program. WGBH prepared Tammy well for her journalist role at the weekly paper, Planet Jackson Hole. Her column, “Arts Observatory,” pioneered a new level of arts writing in Jackson, quickly becoming Teton County’s most-read arts column. Tammy went on to become director of marketing at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming.

Tammy began appreciating visual arts at an early age. She is the great granddaughter of Harris Whittemore, one of America’s first and most important collectors of French Impressionism and James Abbot McNeill Whistler. The family guarded the collection for over a century; only recently has a book on this pioneer collection been published – “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Whittemore Collection and the French Impressionists” by Ann Y. Smith. As Smith has written, by the time they were done, the Whittemores had obtained more than one thousand works of art.

Tammy loves writing about the arts in Jackson. Her goal is to help make the visual arts more accessible to everyone; the arts are for everyone! Every day Western art reflects the stupendous beauty of the Greater Yellowstone region. In fact, Tammy is at work on a book about that very subject.  The Jackson Hole Art Blog enjoys sustained visitation from around the globe; Tammy knows that Western Art’s popularity is surging and she shares the most up-to-date regional arts information with the world.  Tammy lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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